Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - War and Peace
                       The International War and Peace Museum,
                        Monday September 19th 2016, remembering 1916

Thank you very much indeed for your help promoting remembrance of 1914~1918 so that we can achieve World Peace together from 2014~2018 through remembrance. The permanent allied museum of War and Peace is now under construction in Romanshorn at the Churchill Bunker at the harbour.

The local people of Romanshorn and Thurgau have played a decisive part throughout history including William Tell who resisted Germanic Hapsburg imperialism and more recently by welcoming refugees from Syria as well as the “Schweizerische kinder” child refugees of Friedrichshafen in World War Two. Beautiful people live in Romanshorn and we welcome everyone to enjoy our new permanent remembrance tourist season. We are building the New Global Order of World Peace with Railways.

The United Kingdom BRexit with British Rail is a strategic UK industrial and cultural geopolitical move back to Switzerland. We are integrating British Railways with Switzerland connecting Ireland, The UK and France with Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, China, The Philippines and Australia. The Vorarlberg Express is a very good example of the type of long distance railway we would like to open from Glasgow to Gorky in Russia in order to promote World Peace with railway based tourism.

British, American, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and French speaking tourists land at Zurich airport and are guided by our affiliated staff at the SBB CFF FFS Swiss Travel Service directly to Romanshorn on the Inter City Trains which will all now have a full restaurant service. We have many famous tourist attractions now opening year round in Romanshorn including the War and Peace Harbour and Refugee museums, Restaurant Ships, Golf courses, Covered Swimming pools and the Oberthurgau Disco Ice rink. Tourists have a wide range of Hotels, Campsites and Youth hostels to stay in and local people are being offered help in joining the Railway station based council bed and breakfast scheme.

As promised more money will be available for FREE UK School trips for all based at the Romanshorn Secondary and Cantonal Grammar School. Exchanges with schools in the UK help everyone build solid family and business connections to develop bilateral trade following the Great British BRexit.

We are proceeding at full speed with the Jurassic Republic TGV and Sealink Brittany ferries to Cork, Plymouth, Poole & Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Brighton, Harwich, Hull and North Newcastle
for The Harry Potter attractions in Alnwick while Scotland now has ships to Norway and Russia.

I would like to personally thank you and everyone in Thurgau for the Great help provided and also our distinguished guests who contributed so much to World Peace at the 14~18 Tagung in Frauenfeld.

HMS RMT GBR Fleet Admiral Paul Bright CEO UK=OK! Free Royal Global Democracy. FOLLOW us on Twitter @RoyalNavyNews
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