Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - World Peace and Family Reunification
A Commonwealth Family!
Melbourne 16th Oct '18
Manila 19th October '18
Moscow 21st October '18
Zürich: 23rd October '18

Porrentruy: 28th Oct. '18
Belfort together: 11/11/18
Glasgow sleepout 8/12/18
Great British Rail9/12/18

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Meet up and enjoy JURApero!

Developing the sustainable business model is central to the 2018 
Commonwealth Theme "Towards a common future" as we
integrate One World For Peace by supporting the "One
Belt, One Road" initiative in order to connect The
United Kingdom to Australia via Eurasia and
The Philippines which is joining The 
Commonwealth formally in 2019!

Sustainabiliy begins with remembrance as remembering war
is the way to achieve World Peace in the future with industry
that is sustainable replacing the unsustainable German car
industry that has caused so much pollution and death on
the roads as well as starting many wars to gain the oil
and resources needed for unsustainable motoring.

The GREAT British American Travel Chinese Belt and Road 
initiative enables all local business along the historic railway
from Berne to Bienne, Belfort and Bournemouth to benefit
from more customers spending more money that creates
more real job opportunities for real people in the real
world. Hotels, Farms, Bicycle rentals, Restaurants
and all types of tourism related business activity
will benefit by focusing on the needs of the
international remembrance tourists
who travel by High Speed Train
from China to Europe and

LABOUR For Business
members and supporters understand the
need for a comprehensive Great British industrial strategy as
we pursue the British Royal BRexit! which is all about
real jobs for real people in the real economy as we
focus on Social and Economic development by
remembering our history in order to build
One World For Peace in the future...

British American Commonwealth and allied investment in JURA

has enabled the reopening of the historic railway line to Belfort,
Paris and The Normandy Landing beaches in 2018 as we all
remember 1918. The German people are our friends now
we all remember the armistice together on 11/11/2018
in the historic French city of Belfort, safely under
the protection of Bartholdi's LION of Belfort.

The lion roars eternally as a source of resistance to tyranny and
oppression and reminds us all of the importance of remebrance
of the siege of Belfort from 1870 to 1871, the Namibian genocide,
The murder of corporal Peugeot in Johncherey followed by World
War One from 1914 to 1918, The rise of fascism in Germany from
1933 and then World War Two from 1939 to 1945 and 
Holocaust. Only remembrance can STOP THE WAR
and SAVE OUR NHS so join the Royal British
Legion for the festival of remembrance!

Today in 2018 in many ways the world is poised for war with trade
wars already upon us. BRexit! with Labour is all about putting
people first with an intelligent and sustainable industrial
policy and strategy SAVING MILLIONS OF LIVES.

JURAPero at Porrentry Castle on the 28th of October 2018 is an
opportunity for local officials and entrepreneurs to meet up as
we launch the British JURASSIC Chamber of Commerce
to connect One World For Peace via Porrentruy and
Belfort with the Belt and Road initiative which
connects the United Kingdom to Australia
via Belfort in France, Porrentruy, the
FIRST city on top of Switzerland
Constance, Austria, Hungary,
Ukraine, Russia, China,
The Philippines and

Meet at JURApero on 28/10/18 at 18:00 in Porrentruy!
Reserve your table at La Moulin on 00
 41 32 467 1502!!
Reserve your room at La Locomotive 00 41 32 475 5663

For more information & hotels:

JURA is not just a canton in Switzerland or a region of France,
JURA is also the name of a Scottish Island and the Jurassic coast
of Great Britain centred around Bournemouth between Plymouth
and Portsmouth. Central to the Great British BRexit! for British
Family Holidays we visit The Lion of Bartholidi in Belfort, 
The Memorial to corporal Peugeot in Joncherey and The
Chacasol restaurant in Delle where liberation tourists
visit the historic sites of Liberation from 1944
following the Normandy beach landings.

Remembrance of our common wealth of history brings us all
together as One Happy Family whether we are from The UK
or from France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland,
Ukraine, Russia, Japan, China, The Philippines, The
Great Indonesian Islands and Australasia or the
Great American Western Hemisphere...

Meeting up at La Moulin from 17:30 we will enjoy a meal and
drinks before catching the 20:22 train to Boncourt and The
Locomotive Hotel where we will enjoy more drinks and
our British American Tourists are staying the night.

On the 29th of October our tourists continue to Delle to meet
the Southern Territory of Belfort community of communes
and have lunch together at the Chacasol restaurant before
continuing on to Belfort for afternoon meetings with
the General Council to for International Tourism.

Tourism really is the Passport to Peace and we at Churchill
Night Lines are proud and priveleged to promote the
Churchill Night Line to Cambridge University,
Balmoral Castle and Aberdeen where
Her Majesty's Royal Megayacht
Travel service is based at
the Port sailing on to
Lerwick and also

We enjoy friendly relatins with Russia and China becuse we
are building The Great British American Chinese (BAC)
Belt and Road to Australia via The Philippines so that
our children will be blessed at it clarly says in The
Holy Bible "Blessed are the peacemakers for 
they shall be called The Children of God".


Cambridge students all know the same basic historical facts
so studying for Cambridge exams and earning Cambridge
certificates in all school subjects as well as English is the
easy way to upgrade your skills for the 21st century...

Sir Francis Drake was the first human being to discover
America and the First British person to discover the
Philippines while he circumnavigated our world
leaving from Plymouth and in 1579 landing in
Davao to inspire resistance to Spanish
conquistadorial rule and promise
freedom for the Philippines.

World Peace is based on remembrance of The successful
French resistance to the German Siege of Belfort from 
1870 to 1871, WW1, WW2 and the stopping of WW3!

Belfort is at the centre of remembrance and the creation of real
World Peace and International Friendship. Our enterprise,
Churchill Night Line is based in Bournemouth UK where
a majority voted for the brexit in order to free europe.

New real business is centred in Belfort with the train
manufacturer ALSTHOM and the OPYMO transport
company providing Bus, Bicycle and River boats for
tourists and locals alike. Churchill Night Line train
connections unite all of France and the rest of The
Eurasian continent with The United Kingdom by
means of Brittany Ferries night and day 

From The South of France in Delle there are connecting
trains across Switzerland to Italy and Greece as well as
The RENFE Hotel train to Marseille, Montpellier and
Barcelona for the Transmediterranea sailings to north
Africa. From Algeriers, Tangiers, Tripoli, Alexandria
and Gaza Great British Rail trains connect all Africa
together with services to Cape Town, Port Elisabeth,
Mombasa and Port Edward in the Biaran republic.

The Federal commonwealth states of Nigeria are well served
by Great African Railways and all Nigerians enjoy travelling
by Train. These days trains are produced locally and railway
jobs are the best way of providing sustainable and well paid
employment for everyone. By avoiding pollution we stop the
risk of climate change. Railway infrstructure, long straight
tracks, provide the ideal foundations for irrigation and
livelihood projects as water can be pumped alongside
the tracks enabling agriculture instead of deserts.

One World For Peace connects the world for peace with Public
Transport and bicycles. Our new station at Delle in France is
now open for business with an excellent restaurant and
hourly trains South to Switzerland and North to all
UK destinations via Belfort, Paris and Cherbourg.

The reopening of this historic railway line that served The
French resistance in World War Two reminds us of the
need to remember the past in order to achieve a better
future. We do Stop The War by remembering war
and The important role of resistance to very
evil corporations. By selling your car you
will not only earn money to enjoy Public 
Transport but also make the world
a better place for everyone today.

World Peace and international development studies are now on
offer to ALL students at The University of Constance and the
surrounding regions. In The United Kingdom BRexit really
happens with NEW UK Prime Minister
 Sir Jeremy Corbyn

In Germany now opportunities are opening up for all of us
with BRIGHT RAIL trains from Constance to Cherbourg
for large connecting Churchill Night Line CNL overnight
passenger ships to Poole for Bournemouth, Portsmouth
and BRIGHTON. Of course Brexit means BRexit for
British Rail which means GREAT British holidays
for everyone in Constance. For The Great British
it means GREAT British holidays in Constance
and that sounds like a Chinese Belt and Road
WIN WIN situation, rare these days but now
REAL with Development Studies at the
International Universities of Constance.
The RMT UNION recommended leaving the EU because it is
an evil corporate regime (the fourth reich) that wanted to force
total privatisation on all public railways (Fourth protocol) so
it was really to force everyone to pay more for tickets and
be forced into handing over their last pounds and euros
to buy corporate cars they did not really want. We
are for FREEDOM and Democracy in Europe
so we did Vote Leave because we do Love 
Europe so we all need to Leave EU!

Today we are delignted to announce to sponsorship of
the international development studies program at the
University of Constance in association with British
intelligence as well as Churchill college Cambridge 
and The School of Oriental and African Studies
known as SOAS  (University of London). 

 Signals Intelligence wakes up remembering
everyone so obviously the RMT UNION is in fact
The Royal Navy Secret Intelligence Organised
to Stop The Great War started in 1914 since
we remember 1914~1918 from 2014~2018
to achieve World Peace in 2017 together
with our sisters and brothers in Germany.

We are therefore currently recruiting people who
would like to work at STOP RISK UK=OK! and
replace all deadly private cars with democratic
Public Transport and safe cycling for all.

The purpose of GREAT Public Transport is 
to promote walking and cycling for everyone.
By completely removing the need for cars we
bring mobility and more opportunity for all.


With no need for cars on public roads risk
is removed enabling healthy mobility for all.

Promoting walking and cycling is a key 
policy response to the health needs of the
population. Physical fitness is of vital
importance for the delivery of Public
Health for everyone which is one of
the responsibilities of the UK=OK!
National Health Service NHS

UK=OK! Free Public Transport
for those people who need it most.

With no need for private cars you can 
sell yours today and live a healthy life on a 
better planet which is free from risk! 

Sell it now, because with no need for fuel 
there is no need for war.

Travel in style with HMS Royal Megayacht Travel

One Happy Family 

Peace and Freedom for all
Travel ~ Health ~ Fitness
Housing ~ Education


Glorious Britain & Ireland

Help build One World For Peace with
remembrance of our history for a bright
and peaceful future of sustainable travel:

NY≈Cork≈Corporal Peugeot≈Cebu≈OZ
BOOK for 2019 NOW with

JR WEST Arrivals
and Departures


Belfort VILLE ≈ Caen ≈ Cork ≈ New York

Paris St. Lazare

10:00  Cherbourg 20:00

22:00  Poole 07:00

LONDON Waterloo

To Russia
& back by train...

Arrivals and Departures

09:36 Boncourt 08:21

21:06  Berlin 17:28

21:03 Berlin 20:22

18:43  Moscow 19:58

№ 235Г 1,319   236Г 1,319 

06:29  Moscow 00:10

Vladivostok Tokyo Manila Darwin

The Commonwealth For Peace theme of 2017 prepared
the way to build for One World For Peace in 2018 as we
remember 1918 together with all our German speaking
sisters and brothers on the 11th of November 2018 in
the historic city of Constance where we are building
the Rainbow Coalition For Real Global Democracy
so that the United Kingdom can FREE EUROPE
again in 2018 just as we did before in 1918.....
and then again from 1945 with our friends...

Towards a Common Future is The theme for 2018 as
we all prepare for the Great British Brexit that now
really means BRexit! for British Rail Holidays to
the UK for everyone to be OK! and enjoy sun,
sea and sand at our most excellent beaches.

The UK is OK! and you are welcome so
we cordially invite you to the our BRexit!
round table discussions in Constance.

Remembering The Siege of BelfortWorld War One
World War TwoThe Holocaust, and Pro German
EU wars against Yugoslavia
Yemen and now Ukraine again from
2014 to 2018
 we can say with full
confidence: Enough is Enough!

The problem is Germany does not want to truly face
up to it's past and continuing dependence on fossil
fuels which are needed for Volkswagens, BMWs,
Audis, Mercedes and Porsche 9-11 types
. War
is required as the German economy is very
unsustainable but war makes sustainable
profits for the evil German corporations.

Everyone in Germany understands the GroKo
regime of Angela Merkel
 is finished but refuses
to accept this truth. Europe is being held hostage
like an experimental monkey being forced to die
while breathing Volkswagen exhaust fumes!

The Great British Schools project promotes The UK
English International School curriculum to everyone
by providing FREE Education with NO Tuition fees in 
association with the LEFT PARTY in the bundestag
in order to Stop The War with real UK education.

Already established in Constance at the Telecom
Tower our antennas on the roof enable anyone with
an internet receiving device to register for free and to
connect to the internet for FREE in association with the
Council of Constance "Stadtkonzil Konstanz" and the
Public Works authority "Stadtwerke Konstanz" who
also provide public transport and other services.

The Great Public Library of Constance opposite the
Cathedral of Constance is undergoing an Anglication
exercise and welcomes books in English as well as all
downloaded valuable Great British Education materials
which volunteers can print out and submit for indexing.

I would personally like to thank the head librarian for
the most valuable help and assistance in bringing the
UK to Germany to make everything OK! for our growing
cohort of interntional students, tourists and visitors from
all over the world, especially the new markets of the east...

It is now true that Brexit means BRexit! for British Rail
with the NEW SWISS TGV Lyria services connecting all
passengers from Constance via The Jurassic Republic
of Switzerland to Paris in just two hours from Belfort
TGV station which is a 20 minute bus ride from the
SWISS Border at Boncourt. SBB CFF FFS offer
many reductions to people in Constance to
travel to the border of France where the
fare is 2.5 Swiss Francs to the TGV
and from 20 Euros on to Paris.

From Paris there is a TGV to Le Havre and also
to Caen and Cherbourg as well as Saint Malo and
Roscoff for the Connecting Brittany Ferries sailings
at night to CorkPlymouthPoole and Bournemouth
as well as the Royal Navy Dockyard in Portsmouth.

Travelling at night means enjoying a Guineess on
board as if you were in the Shamrock Irish Pub by
the railway station or enjoying a coffee as if you
were at Coffee fellowes in the railway station.

Be sure to buy yourself an EconomistChina Daily,
New York Times and Spotlight English magazine 
for your trip and maybe change some euros in
to pounds to benefit from extremely Great
British value prices on board our ships
where Guiness is just Two pounds
and food is incredibly good!

Welcome to The NEW UK that will be OK! for you!

We all sincerely look forward to meeting you
and playing football on the beaches in 2018.

Our shared Great British German sense of humour
means that we can all say "Two World Wars and a
World Cup" together now. We are all sisters and
brothers after all as Her Majesty The Queen
herself is descended from Hannover in 
Germany so all's well that ends well!

With very best wishes for 2018 as we remember 1918

Paul Bright CEO
 One World For Peace

Constance 2018:
One World For Peace all together now

We are a legal UK entity
known officially as a UK 
Unincorporated association.

An ‘unincorporated association’ is an organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit (for example, a voluntary group or a sports club). Our reason is to Make Britain Great Again, so that we can all go on to make a HUGE Profit later on!

Our main Export is Great British Education so we promote Great British Schools which will all be FREE when the Good German People VOTE  LEFT for their FREE  Kindergartens.

It will all be paid for as Germany will be much more competitive when everyone speaks English First and there is no more EU  regime. So don't vote for the "Alternative" as there is no alternative to speaking English if you want Germany to be integrated into the Global British Economy!

You don’t need to register an unincorporated association, and it doesn’t cost anything to set one up.

Individual members are personally responsible for any debts and contractual obligations.

If you make a profit (and we do intend to)

If the association does start trading and makes a profit, you’ll need to pay Corporation Tax and file a Company Tax Return in the same way as a limited company.
For this purpose we are registered as HMS (Her Majesty's Services)
Royal Malaysian Travel Service and Great British Railways. We
anticipate profitability when we have a democratically elected
government in The United Kingdom that puts people first and
our enterprise will then be administered as a public utility
providing sustainable transport services for everyone.

 Welcome to RoyalPhilippine Navy
World PeaceStudies

onebeltoneroadoneworld@ #PLH
Life without Limits with The Royal Navy
Remember 1918 for World Peace in 2018
Vote Labour to Stop War & 
Save our NHS
as we remember Sir Francis Drake
 in 1588
Enroll 2B UKOK@


1 ~ One World of Peace
2 ~ Equality of Borders
3 ~ Stop Risk of terrorism
4 ~ Fair pay for everyone
5 ~ Public services for all
6 ~ Democratic BRexit UK
7 ~ British Rail from Australia
8 ~ Freedom for The Philippines

Paul is dedicated to The Royal Navy and has the call sign RN008
he could launch the TRIDENT missiles at The Germans but instead
is committed to drinking beer with them until they remember 1914

Full Employment history to date:

Her Majesty's Scottish Royal Megayacht Travel Service
& Great British Rail continue the work of MI7 on behalf of
The Inclusive Commonwealth of Her Majesty the Queen.

The Commonwealth Hub and Spokes initiative compliments
the Chinese Belt and Road initiative connecting the World for
Peace now that the USA and EU are in decline as we remember
that in 1603 when the UK was founded there was no eu or usa.

Calling at all embassies in Bern and speaking directly to diplomats
has prooven to be an effective method of promoting World Peace
by Educating everyone about our common history. Royal Navy
values of Freedom, Inclusion and Equality are valued by all.

Current Projects: TRUMP Tunnel from New York back to York
in partnership with AMTRAK, VIA Rail, Russian Railways, Rail
Europe and National Rail UK as well as The Irish Rail UK=OK!
bridge from Scotland to Ireland (scheduled opening in 2020).

Functions: Promoting Global Public ownership
of Public Transport, Health, Education and Housing
in order to promote World Peace through remembrance
of 1914~1918 from 2014~2018 for a Global Armistice on
11~11~2018 when we will decommission all weapons.

We are accomplishing the GOALS with a New Global Order
of World Peace based on Philippine Freedom from the 1898
Treaty of Paris which The Philippine People never voted for
as Spain should have granted full independence instead of
the "sale" of entire countries to which it had no ownership.

Active Memberships: Royal British Legion, RMT UNION,
Labour Party, Graduate Member of The Institute of Export,
Swiss customs union chess club, Youth Hostels Association.

Availability: I am Immediately available to help Stop Risk.
Contact email:

Previous Employment Tasks:
2001~Currently implementing UK=OK! Philippine Development PLAN
2001~Philippine Development PLAN with Chinese Communist Party
2000~2001: Director of UK=OK! Studies at Beijing Materials Institute
1997~2000: Director of Business Studies, Bellerbys college, London
1999~2001: Master of Science, Development Studies, SOAS London
1997~Joined RMT UNION to sell BR tickets to Dublin from Blackfriars
1996~1997 PPE Year 3 Hull University Honours Graduate (2nd Class)
1995~Security Clearance to work for Deparment of National Heritage
1995~1996 English Lecturer at State University of Nizhny Novgorod
1994~1995 PPE Year 2 at Hull University special UK Russian studies
1993~Meeting and BRexit Agreement with KGB Minsk / FSB Moscow
1993~1994 Computer technician at ESTEC Noordwijk (EU in Space)
1992~1993 PPE Year 1 at Hull University commuting from Rotterdam
1991~Admin: Transfered to Hull University for Geopolitical reasons
1990~Social: Remembrance of Sir Winston Churchill in Denmark
1990~1992 BA Business Studies at Luton including TEFL & MiEX exams
1988~1990 BTEC Business and Leisure studies at Luton College, Beds.
1986~1988 Export consultant (German & French) at Sealane Freight
1984~1986 GCSE studies at Townsend C of E School, St. Albans, Herts.
1983~Road incident causing Coma and severe Traumatic Brain Injury
1981~1984 GCSE studies at Braunton Comprehensive School, Devon
1981~Loyalty: Oath of Allegiance to The Queen (Joined sea Scouts)
1976~1981 General studies at Georgeham Primary school, Devon, UK
1974~1976 Primary British studies at Maldon Primary School, Essex, UK
Born on 28th October 1969 in Maldon, Essex, Home of Captain Britain

Progress of my campaign to restore the UK and make it OK is summarised:

Remember 1916Image result for royal british legion 2016 real UKOK!  
The INCLUSIVECommonWealth
  UK OK!
Remember 1916 for World Peace in 2016
VOTE for