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Bora-In Fahrtmv Pont-Aven
YES Scotland was created following the lessons of Our LORD

nd Saviour Jesus Christ who explained how we could resist
the Unholy Roman Empire of Julius Caesar. Scotland was
never colonised by the fascist romans and Hadrian had
to build a wall in 123A.D. because we wanted to help
our cousins in England win their freedom too.

Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake achieved
VICTORY over the Unholy Spanish Armada in 1588
and in 1603 with the Union of Crowns Scottish King
James rules England too. This was the creation of
GREAT Britain so YES Scotland is GREAT for
all in England &Wales too. We are saying YES
to freedom with and everyone in
England & Wales is welcome to Join us
in Scotland as together we share
The same Commonwealth.

God Save The Queen. NO €UU$A R€GIM€$.

Great Britain led the World to Peace and Freedom in 1815
with the defeat of the fascist Napoleon and again in 1945 and
now again with YES Scotland and no2eu in 2014 for FREEDOM

Celebrate the RAF Dambusters and music of freedom for the

Liberation of Europe 1945
The People TUSC - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition are FIRST
NO more Waste. NO more War. No more Worries.
Stop the €U Volkswagen plot. Sell your car now.

Discover UK BE OK

Darwin Brunel Wilberforce Churchill Attlee
Shakespeare Dickens Ian Fleming James Bond Martha Jones Dr. Who

~ Welcome to our Green and Pleasant land ~
People rule our World
The UK is OK For Really Great Deals
PeopleTUSC - Trade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionFIRST

The SAFE Trade Unionised Royal Megayacht
Public Travel Service is for People FIRST.

We're leaving the EU and we're bringing back Great Britain!

The Great British NHS
, Great British Universities, Great British Rail International,
Great British Public Houses,  and Great British Bed&Breakfast!
We're replacing dangerous €URO banksterism with Great British Traditions".

Thank you very much for your interest, we are the UK=OK Party

The UK is OK because we put People before Profit leaving the €URO REGIME we can be free...

We can STOP all of the €URO RISK of the ECB
Loanshark REGIME, their WARs and death
from their €VIL and ridiculous "vorsprung
durch teknik" AUDI, Mercedes, BMW & VW.

We have a Great British National Health Service,
Great British Railways for people and Great British
traditions like fair play, fair pay, fair's fair and
Great British fun at the seaside funfair with
Great British Butlins and Bed&Breakfast.

Great British Institutions are Royal in character
with our monarch being the head of our state of
Great Britain and this explains why our Great
British Industry
is called "Royal" such as the
Royal Mail, Royal Mint, Royal Navy, Royal
Free Hospital and Royal Megayacht Travel
which promotes Public Transport for
everyone. The New Royal British Rail service
will be operated for the benefit of people not the
€URO banksters profiteering
. We're getting it back.

Royal British Rail
trains connect to Royal Britsh
and Royal British Bus services which
are fully accessible to everyone with level platforms
for mobility scooter users and families with pushchairs.

We say "level platforms and a level playing field".

Great British Industry and full employment for all.

We say "NO €URO austerity REGIME".

Throughout history there have been evil dictatorship bankster regimes
where EVIL banksters wanted to put their profits before people and
justified this with all sorts of imperial nonsense, such as the third
reich and now the latest nonsense is called the €URO REGIME.

Royal Naval HERO Sir Francis Drake  deteated the Spanish armada and
Admiral Lord Nelson defeated the Napoleonic terror and Sir Winston
defeated the third reich during World War Two especially
following our Russian allies' victory with the
battle of Stalingrad
and the Normandy landings from Portsmouth in 1944.

Great Britain and Russia defeated the Evil empire together in 1945
and today we celebrate the victory every year on the 9th of May when
we remember our HEROES of the war and arctic convoy to Murmansk.

Remember our HEROES always and forever. Great
British and Russian friendship is central to World Peace.

Family Life continues and the UK is OK.
Churchill Pounds are welcome worldwide.

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Flag of the United Kingdom.svgFlag of Free France 1940-1944.svgFlag of the People's Republic of China.svgFlag of Australia.svgFlag of New Zealand.svg

The UK is OK because together we defeated the German reich in 1945.

NOW we're getting back Great Britain from the €URO Banksters.

The banksters think supporting Al Qaeda in Syria will get them Oil,
the banksters think imposing austerity on Spain, Greece, Cyprus,
Portugal, Ireland and the world in general will get them assets
like Railways, ships and land. WE SAY NO. STOP €URO RISK.

No more war. NO more €URO banksters!

We're reclaiming our United Kingdom
from all who tried to usurp
the Royal authority of our monarch and tried to con the Great British
People with all sorts of €URO nonsense and mischief! No more €URO!

We operate Globally from our bases in the UK, Russia and China promoting
the fine Great British way of life for all people of our World for Peace.

Great Britain has always been at the heart of the peaceful world guided
by the principle that People come First, before €URO bankster profiteering.

Many people in Great Britain and the rest of our world are suffering today
because €URO banksters have put profit before people which is wrong.

Exactly the same as the German reich tried to put profits of German
companies like Mercedes and Volkswagen, IG Farben and the Reichsbahn
before people so the €URO banksters are doing the same again.

This is why we at UK=OK stand up and say: "NO €URO REGIME".

NO €URO €CB. NO Reichsbank.
NO Reichsbahn. NO IG Farben.
"vorsprung durch teknik"



We say "PEOPLE FIRST: Vote to be free"


Pedestrians, Cyclists, Mobility scooters. NO deadly
€URO cars. Putting people first stops €URO risk.

SAFE Transport for all the people together
Great British Railways: International Travel
Fully Trade Unionised SAFE Transport for all

NO Reichsmobiles! NO €URO REGIME!

Just as Great Briton William Wilberforce stood up to say "NO Slavery"
we stand up today and say "NO Slavery" and "NO €URO REGIME".

Great Britain was founded in 1945 following our victory over
the original €URO bankster REGIME that was the German reich.
NO reich!

Modern Great Britain was rebuilt from the ruins of World War Two by the
popular Labour government of Clement Attlee with the philosophy that
we are all equals together to rebuild our country following €URO
People come before Profits then as now.

Sir Winston Churchill was successful in organising the World for Peace
based on equality between all people and all good people of the world
joined Sir Winston to defeat forever the evil reich dictator Hitler.

Clicking on our World Peace Globe at the top of our pages links
to the BBC Schools national curriculum website where history
and the full events of Great British victory can be studied.

All people are warmly invited to study BBC history and learn
how we won our freedom and how Great British HEROES
and our allies from Russia, the USA, the French resistance
and the commonwealth together defeated fascism in 1945.

We are a global business known popularly as UK Plc and
we are here to save lives and ensure full opportunities
for everyone to reach their full potential. We are now
reclaiming our Great country from the €URO regime.

Our manifesto is simple: we put People before Profit globally and
we lead the world with Sustainable Public Transport which is
the continuation of the work of
Great Briton IK Brunel.

Politics needs to deliver real jobs and real opportunities
so our political program for World Peace and freedom
for everyone is backed up by centuries of Great
British business which has a track record
of delivering freedom to the World.

We welcome Joint Ventures as the most appropriate way to
unite our global expertise in sustainable travel with
local manufacturing, markets and policymakers.

We operate a comprehensive travel, education, health, housing and network
solutions platform for business and leisure customers from our websites.

Travel includes our affiliated UK and USA used car buying service,
risk avoidance strategies and First Class Travel by Luxury Megayacht,
Railway and connecting local travel options, including the
famous Brightmobile, Bamboo Bicycles and e-Bikes.

UnionAction For Rail  Jobs=
Get your POUNDS in your pocket
@ The Great British Pound Alliance

Pounds accepted everywhere: Great

mv Pont-Aven

Public Transport provides local jobs
and helps local people to shop at local
businesses for the local economy.

Accessible Home Logo   CROWN SEAWAYS
Travel Commodore class and be
Crossing to Denmark aboard DFDS Seaways m/v 'Dana Sirena'Commodore Deluxe cabin on the 'Dana Sirena' 

With our Brightmobile Buggies, which we would like to franchise with all
local manufacturers for global exports, we have created an Electric Car System
which delivers drivers and passengers to Luxury Railway and Shipping hubs.

The 10 in 1 Cruise enables top executives and their families to enjoy 10 Great
Destinations on One Great Trip. Brightmobile buggies are the perfect way to
travel from the ship to the Golf course as well as for local exploration.

We have the solutions for all Chinese and other global cities to move rapidly
to zero emissions travel and at the same time enable everyone to enjoy the
convenience of personal travel freedom. We present the future of travel.

We wish you a very successful Joint Venture with us and look forward
to doing business together for long term mutual prosperity.

Paul Bright CEO brightmobile travel solutions.

The UK is OK For Really Great Destinations
with our 10 in One Cruise!

Brightmobile Travel solutions is a Division
of the Royal Megayacht Travel Service.


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mv Pont-Aven

mv Pont-Aven

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