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SNCB - London To Europe By Train

Zeppelins are connected to ships by platforms
but can also be connected to tall buildings.

Graf Zeppelin wanted Germany to avoid war
and instead connect the World for Peace.

Sadly the R€GIM€ in 1914 wanted war as
aggressive corporations like Krupp and the
IG Farben group dominated German politics.

Graf Zeppelin was marginalised and his
Zeppelin project destroyed in 1941 as the
aluminium from the Zeppelins was used
in manufacturing Messershmidts for the
Battle of Britain (which Germany lost).

Today we work together to celebrate
Great British and Russian Victory
over the R€GIM€ and we work
together as one happy family
for World Peace as in 1914.

Freedom was won together with HEROES
of Russia and the Soviet Union as well as the
HEROES of our other Loyal Allies from 1939
that fought fascism together with us until victory.

Together we defeated fascism following the
Battle of Stalingrad 1943 and the Normandy
Landings of 1944 which stopped the war in 1945.

Learn about the sacrifices of our HEROES and visit
the battlefields. WE SHALL REMEMBER THEM.

By travelling together on the Trains
and Ships remembrance tourists from
all over the world remember those who
gave their today for our tomorrow.

Example Itinerary: Stalingrad~Moscow
Saint Petersburg~Stockholm~Copenhagen
Portsmouth~Sword Beach~Caen~Paris

Work together to stop risk
LoveLove Great Britain - London, United KingdomLife

SNCB - London To Europe By Train
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